It was our birthday last week and we received the best three presents.  (Besides actually getting our long awaited website launched, that is.)  The Daily Beast picked us up for their Buzz Board, we were kindly gifted a Kindle, and we received a yummy package of goodies from Baking for Good (see post of 9/22).

Generally we’re “early adapters,” and so Amazon’s Kindle more than piqued our interest. But since we’re also in frugal and thrifty mode (and nutso for the library), we weren’t about to actually “buy” a Kindle. Plus, we had misgivings about this generation of the Kindle that doesn’t actually show the design of a book. Honestly, we’ve become pretty sensitive to the cool work designers do for books, especially since our book (counting down the days until December 29!),has the best “interior” design we’re seen—ever. And the Kindle won’t pick it up! But that doesn’t stop us from being a two-faced bitch and LOVING our gift. We already downloaded Dan Brown’s new book and are almost done with it. Besides, what does a mystery thriller need with gorgeously designed pages?

As always, we’ve been thinking about you. We know it’s not everyone’s birthday this week or next, and you probably aren’t going to be getting a Kindle as a gift, so we’ve been rationalizing how a Kindle could actually be a frugal device for a thrifty bitch to invest in (btw, we’re really good at rationalizing).

So. If you’re hungry for some new gizmo and need some way to justify it:

–Books at $9.99 are indeed a bargain.

–Many books can be downloaded for free, thus saving time and gas getting to the library.

–When traveling, instead of paying for an extra suitcase to carry all those books, just pack this one clever device, which weighs as much as a light paperback and holds more books than even we can read in a week. No need to see the PT to fix that horrible crick in your neck from schlepping all those books around.
You get the point.  Check it out if you’re a bookworm.

And if you’re on the fence about another big purchase—technology or otherwise—always check with the bitches before you splurge. 9i3tyq4fwb