Androgyny can be wicked sexy. Just last week, the New York Times ran an article about how fashion categories for men and women are becoming more slippery. Men are wearing ladies’ sweatshirts; women are donning “masculine” biker jackets and boxy blazers. base_media-1The article quoted Sharon Graubard of Stylesight: “In the streets I see young couples dressing almost alike, wearing slicked hair, peacoats, straight jeans or those longer T-shirts that are almost like a dress.” American Apparel, that hipster paradise, currently features hundreds and hundreds of unisex offerings, and their online shop shows both men and women modeling the same clothes.

Yep, we’re all for a little gender-bending, especially when there’s an absolute bargain to be found.

Just this week we were at one of our temples to fashion. We fell in love with the most magnificent unaffordable cashmere scarf. There we were, drooling longingly, feeling oh-so-bad for ourselves because we couldn’t manage the massive price tag on any of the luscious beauties that were spread so seductively across the display case. Poor us! Fast forward fifteen minutes–we find the same scarves in the men’s department. Yes, ladies, same scarves—but for a lot (we mean a lot) less.

Ditto for sweaters. For years we’ve been buying our slouchy button-down cashmere cardigans in the men’s department (hello, that’s why they call them boyfriend cardies.) We spend less than half what we would in the ladies’ department, and the look is perfectly relaxed and chic—just what we’re after. How about plaid? We’re lusting after a lumberjack jacket from men’s J. Crew. Full price? $98. Imagine how much the same piece would be in the woman’s area!

Anyway, our point is this: retailers know that what women will dish and what men will dish are two different stories. They’ve got us wrapped around their little cash registers. But we’re not going to take it anymore!

Obviously some pieces need to be cut for a women, not a man. Unless you’re KD Lang, pass on suits, pants, formal shirts, sportcoats (although we’ve been know to go to the boys department for our blue blazers). Instead, look for belts, hats, x-small gloves, scarves, sweaters, comfy t-shirts (white Hanes v-necks all the way!), handkerchiefs, bags, oversized aviators. Oh, and wait, we’ve seen some drop dead jewelry too—you know, big, bold, chain-y, fierce—for way less than their “feminine” equivalents.

Right now we’re on the hunt for the perfect black messenger bag (we heard H&M has some good options), and the men’s department will naturally be our first stop.

Fluid fashion boundaries mean more choices, more excitement, maybe even more equality. We’re all for it. That said, if your man is longing for ruffles and massive Jackie O shades, head for the door. We appreciate men adopting certain of our styles—still, our flexibility only goes so far. But you should be all over his closet. Free reign, girls. A modern bitch is style bi-curious.