BAKING FOR GOOD debuted just about when we did, and while we love their products (who wouldn’t? lavender shortbread, whoopie pies, crunchy caramel corn – organic ingredients) we feel an even keener affinity for their philosophy.  15% of every purchase goes toward a charity that you choose.  While it can seem just a little pricey (delivery fees), we put it in our splurge worthy category– particularly if you need to give a gift. We’ve spent way more on waxy generic delivered floral arrangements.  You know, $55 -$100 dollars later and you’re never sure exactly what was sent. Most likely some over-assorted mess sure to die within days– or dyed mini-carnations that last forever and are nothing more than an undying reminder to the recipient of your thoughtlessness in waiting to the last minute to send a gift. (And, worse yet, proof positive of your bad taste.)  So a charitable contribution and a dozen of the best gingersnaps or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies we’ve ever eaten for $14.00  is a veritable bargain!!  Yummy.