We wish to issue a complaint.

We’ve got nothing against Babies ‘R’ Us.  Yes, we’re a bit overwhelmed by the whole idea of a ‘baby superstore’—which makes you think you need waaaay more than you actually need. Don’t get us started on the whole baby bathtub racket. Or changing tables? Useless piece of furniture! Use a dressertop with a pad!

But we digress. Sometimes one needs supplies, and Babies ‘R’ Us can offer good deals. Our complaint? It’s with their parking lots. The spots closest to the door are posted with signs saying “Reserved for Expectant Mothers.”

Uh, hello? Pregnancy is not a disability. By and large, pregnant women can and should walk. We’ve never looked at being pregnant as being a handicap unless of course we are nine months in, weigh a zillion pounds, have ankles swollen larger than our thighs and are anatomically out of balance while standing on a screeching piece of public transit. Then, yes, all you able bodied people should stand up and give us your seats.

How about also reserving convenient spots for mothers with small children? Because, really now, once your bundle of joy is no longer just a bump, who truly needs this courtesy? Parents lugging infant carriers or squirmy toddlers through a busy parking lot, that’s who.   As for pregnant mamas lugging infant carriers and herding squirmy toddlers — how about a drive-thru?

Can we get an ‘amen’?