Saturday is B’s Give Back day where we feature a member of our community and how they give of themselves to help others. Since one of our favorite haunts is the bird sanctuary (there is a whole section in our book about it), we were delighted to receive this note from a self-confessed Prada wearing, mud loving fan!

Ann Linde wrote:

“I’m a Prada bag by day and Wellies by weekend girl.

I live near an Audubon conservation area and it is the most beautiful place to go for a day trip. I started by just going for walks with a girl friend. Then as I got familiar with the trails, I started bringing a picnic lunch, a Field Guide to Birds and binoculars. It’s beautiful.

I don’t have time for regular commitments but there are always ways to participate. Everyone laughs when I tell them about the Loon count, groups of us go and count birds in a specific location. Other days I go and spend a few hours helping to clear paths. I get to meet tons of people and volunteer for a great organization.”

Tell us how you give back and maybe you and your organization will be featured in an upcoming Saturday story. Just leave your comment above or write us at

Given the events on the Gulf Coast our thoughts are with all those preparing to help endangered wildlife survive the looming environmental catastrophe.