We have decided as a policy to stop naming names of useless starlets who paint obscenities on their fingernails, hypocritical politicians and commentators who trade in misinformation, professional athletes with time-wasting television specials, and fashion designers who behave in provocative ways to get their kissers face forward in the news. So, we’ll just show this picture to illustrate our outrage, once again, at the fashionindustry and fashion world in general for continuing to use shockingly underweight models.

Bald, bewhiskered, vajazzled–who cares? But parading models with such obviously unhealthy eating behavior is and should be outside the pale for any reputable fashion house. The baldhead, silly beard and naked torso would have been edgy enough to get front-page attention, why add to it an emaciated frame?

We whole-heartedly believe in the right of free expression, pushing the envelope, and the need for good, light-hearted fun. But the garment industry has an obligation to both impressionable young girls looking for role models, and young women who work on the catwalk to portray a broad range of healthy body types.

We’ve called for the fashion world to police itself in our article, The Velveteen Revolution, but now it’s time for us, the consumer, to vote.

Stop buying the garments of design houses using air-brushed and emaciated models; stop buying publications that photograph and accept advertising with unhealthy images; stop shopping at stores that perpetuate this problem.

Trust us, we’re not calling for a fat nation. We’re calling for a fit new nation.

We originally wrote Bald, Bewhiskered, or Vajazzled- Who Cares? Just be Healthy for the Huffington Post.