Spring is here and for those of you in the hunt for fresh air and free entertainment we have a plan.


From our book, Bitches on a Budget:

If you’re a closeted bird fetishist, come on out! No need to be shamed, even if you do have that habit of making bizarre sounds to draw birds to you. We admire you for your love of nature, your thriftiness, your incredible powers of observations (though not so much for your fashion sense).

And you who sit in judgment of those feathery fetishists—get over yourselves! Bird people know the absolute best places. You can learn a thing or two about gorgeous (and free) spots to visit, about slowing down, about listening, from those binoculared bitches. Think you need the rainforest for otherworldly scenery? Think you need a Japanese monastery to get all chilled out and Zen? Think again. Go to Audubon.org to find the sanctuary nearest you.

Nature and New Jersey you thought an oxymoron? Get over your prejudices. Head over to Cape May famous for seabirds in summer and birds of prey in fall.  Plus you’re just three hours from New York City, two hours from Philadelphia. Get your nature fix, then head to the urban areas and hit some of the best art museums in the world.”