What is it about being a woman and getting bad service?

We’ve all been there.  On the airplane: as you’re struggling to get the bag in the overhead bin with one kid hanging off your neck while the other is clawing at your hip, and the intentionally oblivious flight attendant is leaning over some business dude in the row ahead of you ostensibly helping him find his seat belt. At the auto dealer: where the guy with more product in his hair than you is asking when your husband or dad is going to join you.  In the restaurant: being led to your seat at the worst table in the house in the corner by the kitchen next to the swinging doors.

Whenever this happens to us, we speak up.  Whether it’s by walking out of the car dealer, speaking to the manager in a restaurant or writing a letter to the airline (careful, speaking up on an airplane can get you arrested:) we politely, but firmly make our experiences known. Trust us, most business owners do not want pissed off customers and often their response is generous. (See ch. 7 in Bitches on a Budget .)

So ladies, don’t take it anymore. Your money is as good as the next guy’s. It’s time to do what you do best.

Bitch, bitch.