Portrait of George Washington
In our book we rant and rave about dry shampoo. Sounds kind of weird, you may be thinking. Spray powder for my head? What am I, George Washington in the school play? Don’t cut down the cherry tree just yet, honey.

For mornings when you have no time to wash but your hair’s a veritable oil slick, this stuff rocks. You’ll find tons of expensive versions out there, but there’s no need to blow your wad!

One brand we like: Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo. Five and a half bucks a can. And—best of all—unscented. Unscented! A rare find. It means your head doesn’t smell like nuclear mango or baby powder fireball all day.


1. Spray it in.

2. Brush it out.

3. Oil is absorbed. Bounce and texture amplified.

Be sure to brush thoroughly (especially if you’re a raven-haired beauty) so that you don’t unwittingly resemble good ol’ George.

Later, when you’re complimented on your luscious, glowing locks, be like our Founding Father and say: “I cannot tell a lie. I barely do anything to my hair.”