Hurricanes have a way of putting us all in our place. Really. Are you stuck at home? The power is unreliable. The television, internet, phones are all down. What’s a girl to do?

Play fun and games the old fashioned way. Need some ideas?

From the book, Bitches on a Budget.

“Scrabble, Chess, Backgammon, Monopoly, Parcheesi, Taboo, Charades, Rummy-O, Kings, Hearts. Have you forgotten how much fun this was? Games are not just for vacation or random rainy afternoons. Organize evening events around these classics.     Need incentive? Consider a lusty game of strip poker. Get bawdy and bare with truth or dare. Change the rules of Monopoly…

Bridge does sound so mid-century, so Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore’ish, so twin-beds-for-married-couples. Don’t let that put you off. After all, mid-century modern style is so chic right now, once you learn this you’ll be addicted….

Mah Jong. Yes, we want to learn how to play this game…. the tiles and sets are stunningly beautiful. Still, we’re a little nervous. Most of the people we know who play are really nice, but also belong to the Red Hat society. You’ve seen them. Grown-up women, clad for no good reason in purple clothing, going out together … We’re stumped….”  Still we’re in–to play Mah Jong, that is!

We love pretend, fantasy stuff, so charades is always an oldie but goodie. Remember? You silently act out titles of books, movies, TV shows, or the names of famous people. The last time we played everyone was on the floor howling, wishing they were wearing Depends. Be a provocateur. Force your competitors to act out titles like “The 400 Blows” or “The Joy of Sex” or “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” ….


What games do you play?