You’ve heard the buzz about cell phones and radiation and cancer, but have you been listening?

There were the studies from Sweden, or someplace icy and clear, warning of this link. But, then there were the other studies saying the cell/cancer link is inconclusive, letting you off the hook so you haven’t consistently used your earphones. Trust us, we know it’s a pain-in-th- a** to plug in an ear bud or head set. You lose them. They’re uncomfortable. They break.

We have a news flash. It’s time for you to find them, again.

The Journal of the American Medical Association just published a study showing that “50-minute cell phone exposure was associated with increased brain glucose metabolism in the region closest to the antenna.” They went on to say “this finding is of unknown clinical significance.” But, in an article on this topic in today’s NY Times a medical expert suggests that long-term inflammation in a specific area can, indeed, lead to cancer.

We’ve decided not to wait for proof-scientific-positive that cell phones do nasty things. This new study proves radio waves are altering our brain chemistry and that’s enough to put us on high alert. Oh, we’re not getting hysterical and forsaking our cell-phone, we’re heading out the door for a new ear bud which we’ve promised not to lose and vow to use.

Right now.