Smart B’s on a Budget hang out with friends who have dough (FWD).  Hold on– we’re not recommending being completely mercenary and heartless, just well-connected!

(You think in Entourage Turtle hangs with Vinny cause he’s a fabulously rich famous star? Nah!  They’re buds.)

Anyway, one of our FWD invited us to a Sheryl Crow concert last week. As expected, Sheryl Crow was terrific, but we were double-blown away by the opening act featuring Brandi Carlile and her awesome band.

As soon as we got home we downloaded her newest album, Give up the Ghost, and have been listening in a non-stop loop. We hear a bit of all our favorite female artists: Janice Joplin, Eva Cassidy, Melissa Etheridge and more.

Another one of life’s ‘Cheap Thrills’- get it!

(Oh! We’re not completely evil little leeches, we did take our friend out to dinner.)