bean jacketWhen you read our book you’ll learn how strongly we feel about investing in great basics from reputable sources. We had validation of our views (we just love being right!) today while lunching  with a friend when he told us the story of his leather jacket. Many, many years ago when his kids were small (age) and he was small (size) he bought a leather aviator jacket from LL Bean. For years and years he wore it until it was worn soft and comfy as only a great leather jacket can become. But, as his kids grew, he grew too, and his favorite jacket ended up in the back of his closet. He couldn’t easily zip it closed.

Over the last year he’s been our hero for diligently and sanely losing weight. He’s cut back on portion sizes, eats his meals slowly, and is thoughtful about exercising. (Stay tuned we’ll fill you in on his weight loss regimen.)

Yesterday he pulled out the old LL Bean jacket from the back of his closet and it fit. This time he couldn’t zip it, not because it was too tight, but because the zipper was broken. He brought it back to the store to see if could be repaired.  A lovely clerk informed him they no longer repair zippers, but they always stand behind their products and replaced it with a brand new $350+ leather jacket.

Bravo Bean!