Is it possible that more than one Hollywood executive is injecting Botox to the brain?

This week E! launched the trailer for their new reality television series called Bridalplasty. The show will feature a bevy of brides competing for the grand prize of having an extreme plastic surgery makeover, which will be unveiled on their wedding day. Each week, the show will feature wedding related contests with the winner getting to choose a single procedure from her plastic surgery ‘wish list.’

The Hollywood Reporter described the show by saying, “One by one, the women are voted out by their competitors and, according to the show’s description, “possibly walking away with nothing and losing [their] chance to be the perfect bride.”

At first blush, the opportunities for amusement might seem great: A show where the loser gets eliminated and the winner gets knifed. Plus, it make gifts for the wedding party simple: breast implants for bridesmaids and phalloplasty for groomsmen.  Once one gets beyond the initial wave of cutting humor, though, this show promises to be more bizarre and damaging than amusing.

While we make it a policy to not judge those adults who have a little nip here and a little tuck there, (there is even a section in our book about how to get the most bang for your plastic surgery buck), we do draw the line at creating life-size Barbies. Further, to suggest to women, and particularly to young girls (this is a show for BRIDES, after all, who are statistically in their mid-twenties) that the ultimate feminine ideal, as realized on a wedding day, is to have plumped-out lips, big fat tits, no wrinkles, no moles, perfect curves, or no curves — in other words, no pockets of ‘imperfections’ — well, this is just plain sick.

We’ve been railing against the fashion and media world for their unrealistic portrayal of women. In Bring Back the Belly, and A Velveteen Revolution, we called on the fashion industry and media, to stop perpetuating idealized and unhealthy body images to our young girls. In our book, Bitches on a Budget, we say, “Wake up, look around-in this multi-culti world we live in there’s no longer a single icon of beauty. A woman with a hip modern aesthetic doesn’t settle for just loving her inner bitch; she knows the outer one is fine too, whatever her shape!”

Bridalplasty is the ultimate in perversion. The idea that through invasive and ‘extreme’ plastic surgery you will be pleasing your future life mate at the altar with the gift of ‘perfect beauty’ is a poisonous message to be sending to our daughters.

Scarier still, is ‘reality’ television a true reflection of our culture? Or is it fiction creating our reality? Either way, this time, Reality TV has gone too far.