We’ve been experimenting with new (to us) grains for over a year and our most recession obsession is with Wheatberries. They are the entire wheat kernel with the husk removed. Simple to cook (boil in 4X the amount of water to wheatberries until tender – approximately 1 hour) and incredibly versatile.

Often finding and preparing budget friendly and good for you foods can be a time challenge. These are simple and ideal. We’ll cook up a big batch on Sunday, serve them for brunch. Then we’ll save and use the rest throughout the week.  Great for lunch on-the-go, use wheatberries under leftover grilled chicken or tofu with peanut sauce. Easy for a main dinner dish with pesto.  Ideal as a side with a little oil and salt and pepper (or a drizzle of truffle oil).

Try this for breakfast.

Wheatberries with Poached Eggs, Cooked Seasonal Vegetables, EVOO, Manchego Cheese and Thyme

Cook 1 cup of wheatberries in four cups of  boiling water for approximately 1 hour  or until tender

Saute in olive oil a big pile of seasonal vegetables. (We just used 2 sliced peppers, 3 diced tomatoes, 2 sliced zucchini and 1 chopped onion.)  Cook them slowly until tender and they release their juices into a yummy, ‘soupy’, mix.

Poach two eggs.

The rest is simple.

Place a layer of wheatberries in the bottom of a soup bowl. Cover with a ladleful (or to taste) of veggies with their juices. Then top with the poached eggs and shaved cheese. Finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and salt and pepper.

Experiment with different vegetable, herb or cheese combinations. Share your creations!