A modern woman is in touch with her own needs– and the needs of others. That said, it’s easy to give back when time and money are plentiful. We wonder: when cash is tight, when we feel so overburdened ourselves, how can we find the energy/time/resources to help others? With this question in mind, every weekend we bring you examples of women who find creative, meaningful ways to give. Click ‘comments’ above and tell us what you do! You might be featured here as an inspiration next Saturday.

Today’s Queen B of Giving Back is Veronica, who writes about bringing art (and her whole family) to a children’s shelter:

I volunteer at a children’s shelter teaching art on the weekends. I bring my two girls (ages 6 and 10) and now my husband comes too. we go every other Saturday. the kids range in age from 12-18. some are working to go back to their biological home while others are up for adoption. however we all know how hard it is for a teenager to be adopted. the shelter is also a SAFE PLACE for runaways and sometimes the kids that come in are runaways from other states. this shelter works REALLY hard at reuniting the children with their families as long as it is safe for the children. the staff at this shelter are really the parents of these children, as well as the mentors that volunteer their time every week. we love going and some of the children have been there since I started teaching. some of the things we have done include – soap, candles, frames, lots of painting, paper mache, shaving cream art, origami, Xmas crafts, paper making….i usually ask the kids what they want and try to accommodate them. as a family we have also cooked meals with the children, played board games and just hung out. my children love going to the shelter as much as my DH and I do. we would strongly encourage families to volunteer together if possible…the benefits are priceless.

How do YOU give back?