A modern woman knows what she needs and knows how to get it. She also knows that other people need things, too–that we’ve got to look out for one another. Every weekend we bring you examples of women who find creative, meaningful ways to give to others, even when money and time are tight. We write in our book that you should find an activity that you love to do and find friends you love volunteering with —

Heidi, has this all figured out:

“I started a group called “Dining Divas”. We eat out together once a month at a locally owned restaurant to contribute to our local economy. Every dinner participants donate $5 to our Philanthropy Pot which is used to help local women who are struggling financially. We also walk as a team for chartible events throughout the summer to raise money and awareness. There is nothing more powerful than a group of women…we support one another and we support our neighbors. Currently we have 75 members and are going strong!”

Heidi L.

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