A modern woman knows what she needs and knows how to get it. She also knows that other people need things, too–that we’ve got to look out for one another. Every weekend we bring you examples of women who find creative, meaningful ways to give to others, even when money and time are tight.

When Kim wrote in to tell us of being a busy graduate student, part time clerk and volunteer extraordinaire we wanted to know more about her. We were even more impressed when she shared with us that she began volunteering at age 11. Her long list of volunteer experience is impressive, and we were totally hooked when she told us about the wide range of organizations she has volunteered for: breast cancer research, animal shelters, literacy programs, book drives, digitizing library archives, serving holiday meals, Alzheimer’s research… and more.

In her words:

“Whether….participating in collecting bears for kids with cancer, walking in the relay for life, sending textbooks to literacy programs for Africa, or feeding the homeless a Thanksgiving meal, I was front and center for years.”

Now, “a (A)side from being crazy busy as a full-time student, I work 20 hours a week at a community college, volunteer between 10-15 hours per week at the library, and spend time with my super supportive and wonderful cast of family and friends.”

“These days, I help raise money for St. Baldrick’s each year, as my boyfriend shaves his head for kids with cancer, I attend fundraisers and donate money to the local no-kill animal shelter and more recently, our cat hospital’s benevolent fund….”

“ My boyfriend and I are the proud parents of an 11-year-old cat, and the proud godparents of two wonderful kids.  Living on a student budget, working to pay for school and make rent, the B book and facebook page has given me a lot to work with!

She told us she can’t imagine a time in her life when she won’t be volunteering. “It just makes me feel good to give back!”

All we can say is WOW!

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