Saturday is the day we share your stories about giving to others.

Please write in and tell us about what you do for others. Do you spend time caring for aging parents or ill relatives? Do you volunteer in a soup kitchen, at a school, a nursing home, or a pet shelter? Work in your community garden, at your local library, clear litter from the side of the road? Add your story in the comment section in the upper right of this post.

Today, Becky Haugh reminds us about blood donation: a way to give without spending a dime.

She writes:

I’m… a big advocate of blood donation…. I’ve never personally been a recipient of a blood transfusion or have known someone close to need one – but since the husband and myself really can’t drop large checks to charity, we try to give in ways that aren’t monetary in nature. For me, it’s donating blood. If you plan it out right, you can donate blood up to 6 times per year. I’m going to try to hit 6 donations this year. Sure, it’s not much, but you can’t buy blood and so many people (in this country and abroad) need blood – especially when you are a funky O type like myself.