A modern B knows what she needs and knows how to get it. She also knows that other people need things, too–that we’ve got to look out for one another. Every weekend we bring you examples of women who find creative, meaningful ways to give to others, even when money and time are tight. To tell us how you help, click “Comments” above– you might be featured here next week.

It seems only fitting that it’s Saturday morning and we’ve spent the entire week obsessing about food on these pages, because today’s Queen B’ Yvette gives up her Saturday morning to help cook vast quantities of piping hot fresh meals to feed the homeless. In her words this is how she gives back:

“I spend my Saturday mornings as a volunteer feeding the homeless and let me tell you, these are no sack lunches (which we do as well) but on Saturdays our community churches and individuals come together for a potluck but the twist is, the food goes to feed hundreds to thousands of homeless people in our area. This treats them to hot, delicious meals from fried chicken to lasagna to shrimp scampi, whatever the spirit moves people to bring to share and bless them with.

Working together in an assembly and serving line, the group of 20-50 volunteers can serve the masses within a couple of hours.”