On January 12, much of Haiti was destroyed, thousands and thousands of Haitians killed.

On that same day, by coincidence, we happened to write on our blog about bitches giving back—about the ways we can all be philanthropists, even when we’re on a budget. Many of you wrote in, describing the bold and creative and compassionate ways you care for others.

We’ve already profiled one of our fans and the ways that she gives back and we’ve decided to add this as a regular Saturday feature to our Bitches on a Budget blog.

We’re asking you to write in and tell us about what you do for others. Tell us about your acts of kindness and how helping others makes you feel. Do you spend time caring for aging parents or ill relatives? Do you volunteer in a soup kitchen, at a school, a nursing home or a pet shelter? Work in your community garden, at your local library, clearing litter from the side of the road?

Share your stories in the comment section at the top of this post. We’re excited to read them!

Next Saturday we’ll start to share your stories and pictures in this space.