Saturday is the day we share your stories about giving to others.

Please write in and tell us about what you do for others. Tell us about your acts of kindness and how helping others makes you feel. Do you spend time caring for aging parents or ill relatives? Do you volunteer in a soup kitchen, at a school, a nursing home or a pet shelter? Work in your community garden, at your local library, clearing litter from the side of the road? Add your story in the comment section in the upper right of this post.

Today’s post is from Kelly Spencer.

“Through a reconnection via Facebook, a high school friend started working at Provisions, our local food pantry. She posted a list of items needed asking her friends to please donate, so I stopped by the pantry to make a donation the week before Thanksgiving, they were overwhelmed with clients, so I got trained in 10 minutes and given my first family to help them shop…now I’m there every Tuesday and love my new job! My 16 year old daughter came with me over Christmas break, she was a huge help crating eggs, stocking shelves and is planning on joining me this summer. I am amazed how much our local farmers and private owned grocery store donates to keep our pantry going! I have been truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to spend my Tuesdays and my boss makes sure I’m off on Tuesdays to volunteer! This is the coolest thing I have ever done!”

Kelly thank you for taking the time to share your story and fabulous picture with us!

While we’re on the subject of sharing and volunteering, we want to tell you about a site that is devoted to women and philanthropy —Vivanista.  Coincidentally, this week they have an excerpted a section from Bitches on a Budget about volunteering.  Check it out.