That is the question.

Once you actually read your copy of Bitches on a Budget, you’ll find out we’re wild fans of the library. There are few places on earth we feel at such peace as when we’re nestled into the big stacks (hey, wait, that doesn’t sound right…).

But if you can shell out a little for a new paperback (or have some gift cards from the holidays still to use), we’d love you to grab ours. Here’s why:

1. Well, let’s be frank: it helps us! The bitches need to eat.

2. More seriously, we genuinely believe you’ll refer to this book again and again! We want you to underline it, dog-ear its pages, drop it in the tub, read it to friends, make notes in the margins. This isn’t the kind of volume that’ll gather dust on your shelf or be wedged under the leg of that annoyingly rickety table. Nope. Keep it on the bedside table. Keep it next to the tub. Hey, one of our favorite fans says we’ve received the highest honor in her house–she keeps it in the powder room. Just keep it out of sight of friends—it’s the kind of book women are always stealing.  (Trust us—all our extra copies have mysteriously disappeared…)

3. Also, how cool is it to own a book knowing you can just email the author with questions? Our kick-ass Facebook community shows how desperate people are to live well on a budget… to reinvent themselves in a sane, green, affordable way. It rocks that we now have thousands of other bitches to share ideas with. By investing in the book you support this community!

If you’re in the market to buy, Amazon offers a good discount. We’ve been so popular Barnes and Noble has put us out on their tables in the front, although a few fans have written that not all the stores got the memo, so ask if you don’t see it. Also available at BordersIndie BoundPowells— to name a few.

Of course if your budget is really tight, we can’t fault you for getting it at the library! We’re huge fans of the library, after all—

However you get it, thanks for reading– and don’t forget to let us know what you think.