Catch up.

Good morning (or good afternoon if you’re on the East Coast). We’re just getting it together after arriving San Francisco in the wee hours of the morning. The weather in CA this week has been a total bummer. We left the chill of the East Coast looking forward to a few SoCal rays and a little easy living, no one told us Tornadoes (which we have a rather peculiar phobia about particularly since we did not grow up in Kansas) touched down in Orange County; like within a few miles of the scheduled book reading last night at Borders!

Needless to say the heartiest of fans braved the elements and we want to thank Consuelo (spelled correctly? Yes? Let us know and send that picture you took, please!) for driving all the way from San Diego to listen to the reading.

Tonight we’re doing a reading and signing in San Francisco at 6PM at the Book Passage in The Ferry Building.

Stay tuned later today we’re going to post our latest contest. (Hint. Get your fave pet stories/pix out.)