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Smart Mamas Know About Oldways

Smart Mamas Know About Oldways

A big thank you to my friends at Oldways for running a wonderful piece about the new book, Smart Mama, Smart Money! If you don’t know about Oldways, it’s time to head over to their website and got acquainted. Their mission is to “change the way people eat” by using the old ways as a...
Smart Mama, Smart Money a "Must-Read"

Smart Mama, Smart Money a “Must-Read”

The first review is in for Smart Mama, Smart Money: Raising Happy, Healthy Kids Without Breaking the Bank, and it’s a rave!  In a starred review Publisher’s Weekly  calls it “informative, entertaining, and applicable, this is a must-read for “smart mamas” and papas.” (Read the full review below.)    A Publisher’s Weekly  pick of the week:  Smart Mama, Smart Money: Raising...

Publisher’s Weekly Calls “Smart Mama, Smart Money” a “Must-Read!”

Publisher's Weekly gives Smart Mama, Smart Money by Rosalyn Hoffman a starred review. Describing it as "Informative, entertaining, and applicable, this is a must-read for "smart mamas" and papas.

Canele de Bordeaux: The Perfect Holiday Gift

      Baking at home with kids ranks at the top of our list for crafting wonderful childhood memories.  We’re big proponents of smart, healthy eating (read all about how to be a savvy food provider when Smart Mama, Smart Money is released in March!), but we also firmly believe that sweets, snacks, and...

Right-Sizing for Kids: 10 Smart Mama Tips

The guest bloggers are back!  Today, we’re happy to have author Gale Steves, Right-Sizing Your Home – How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle, serve up a dose of smart-sense for every space strapped mama on a budget. Read her post and then tell us your best advice for dealing with playroom clutter. One lucky...

The Smart Mama Mission Statement (a work in progress)

We will call what we’re doing work. Even if the world doesn’t acknowledge it, we will: motherhood is the hardest work in the world. It’s physically demanding, psychologically strenuous, spiritually complex, and unpaying. We refuse to accept the whole “I-don’t-work-I-stay-home-with-the-kid” thing. We’ve held lots of jobs, and not one has been more intense