We’ve been thinking about just what it is that can transform a sucko miserable day into something better. You know, the bus driver slammed the door in your face in the pouring rain; a defective lid caused coffee to drip all over your new Anne Fontaine white shirt; then, while you’re wet and coffee stained, your boss announces that the Excel spreadsheet you pulled the all-nighter working on had the wrong assumptions. What fixes such a terrible, horrible, no-good,very bad day?

For us it’s flowers. Yup. We’re simple bitches and a single red anemone makes everything seem brighter. (Ok, not everything, but for a minor-minute we’re happier.)

For our friend Janey it’s hunting for a new pair of bargain priced designer  shoes. Lexie goes ga-ga for a manicure. Linda loves her chocolate ice cream.

We’re wondering what cheap fixes do you have for a no-good, very bad day?