If you’re a cheese lover you know how easy it is to end up with the ends of once great cheese. While you’re all too happy to open the fridge, peel back the wrap and nibble away, these pieces are not presentable on the table at cocktail hour.  Be thrifty and repurpose them. Save the small bits and the odd sized hunks until you have a critical mass, then throw them into the food processor and let it do it’s magic to create great cheese dips.

Grab whatever is left–goat, sheep, cow, soft-ripening or aged—cut off the rinds (we find they can be a bit bitter) and throw them in the bowl and process until smooth.  Then toss in things like: fresh herbs*; pink and green peppercorns; cumin and cardamom; whiskey; wine; nuts; dried fruit; citrus zest; yogurt; fruity olive oil….let your imagination go wild.

Process, taste, correct.

*This summer the star herb in our garden is marjoram. Fantastic and full of a fresh musty, sweet  flavor.