It’s hot again on our planet and we’ve been thinking about how to stay hydrated. We’re big water drinkers. It’s free, it’s easily available, it’s free, it’s not too sweet, and, did we mention, it is free.

We were kvetching at dinner about how we can’t remember what it’s like to not be sweaty and thirsty, one thing led to another and the topic of coconut water (CW) came up. A friend told us about the explosive growth in the sector and we remembered that we noticed last week that our local supermarket is suddenly carrying a section of half gallon milk-like cartons emblazoned with coconuts. We really should be paying more attention, but to be honest, when we read early on that Madonna invested gobs of dough in one of the CW companies and planet Hollywood started walking around consuming coconut water as the next new ‘it’ drink (don’t forget ‘Water Bars’– places selling designer bottled water sprang up in La- La-Land) we decided to remain woefully ignorant.

Besides, as we were rushing through the refrigerator section in the market, we thought it was coconut milk and as any nutritionally competent B* knows, you wouldn’t want to be chugging coconut milk from a half gallon milk container. Now that we think about it, it does make sense that we thought it was coconut milk. Note to whichever marketer is selling from the refrigerator case: if you put coconut in a milk container in the refrigerator case any normal person would think it is coconut MILK. We digress.

We’ve spent the morning researching coconut water–when we should really be studying mother’s milk for our next book–and, yes, CW is a good electrolyte replacer. As for the other health benefits, it seems the jury is still out (check this US News article). The bottom line for us is it is way pricey compared to water for simple thirst quenching. So, for now we’re sticking with tap water and are planning on trying coconut water as a fragrant hydration solution in our next batch of Jasmine rice.

Our most stunning and exciting finding? Coconuts are not nuts. They are the largest seed out there. Who knew?