A lot of coffee conversation has been taking place on our Facebook fan page. An entire section of our book Bitches on a Budget is devoted to the good, the bad, and the ugly of coffee, and as those of you who have come to know and love us have figured out, our daily coffee ritual is as near a religious experience as we get. So we’re here to report on our conversion to a new coffee faith.

We admit we’ve avoided even walking into the slick Nespresso stores springing up in chic’ster havens. We’ll go far as to admit that we are such coffee snobs we believed we had our splurgeworthy addiction covered.  The stores did beckon but, nose up, onward we marched. What happened? you might ask. How did we see the light?

Well, we’re staying in someone else’s house at the moment, and they don’t have our favorite Kenyan blend (our usual ploy of bringing a pound as a house gift failed because we forgot to pack the coffee). After a sociable long lunch that included a perfectly grilled fish stuffed with fresh herbs and a lovely bottle of Domaine de la Mordorée Tavel La Dame Rousse, late afternoon rolled around and we could barely keep our eyes open.

Being a good chatty guest prevailed over our desperate urge to take a late afternoon siesta, and so we accepted their offer of a double espresso.  We were stunned by how good the tiny little cup of coffee tasted. What struck us most was the complete lack of bitterness we so often find.

We’re converts, and as soon as we get home we’re going on the hunt for a little gleaming machine or our own.

What church do you worship at? What’s your favorite brewing method?