Have you ever considered how much time you’ve wasted  wrestling in the bottom drawer with plastic containers and their tops?  Do you swear and throw things?  Okay, if you haven’t then you’re one of those anally neat and compulsive people who nicely nest containers and carefully file away the tops as you put them away.  What are you doing here?  This is not for you. (Click back to the conversation on our Facebook fan page or go back to being entertained reading our book.)

Everyone else–we’re here to help.

Don’t get too excited– we haven’t yet found a solution for the top to bottom match, but after this weekend when we spent way too much time throwing things, we decided to do a little research into containers, looking for a better solution to our storage needs.

First of all, we are a little worried about the bisphenol-A health risks in plastics in general and have vowed-if we can help it- to not use or drink from plastic where it is used. Secondly, we are tired of ‘leaky’, stained orange, broken topped, multiple shaped, old cottage cheese and Grandma’s Tupperware storage containers in our drawers.

So we went on the hunt for new containers with the belief that if we buy a brand new set all in one shape, they’ll nest neatly and give us a fighting chance of matching tops to bottoms.

Our first choice would be glass but let’s face it if you’re a klutz (like us) it’s a tricky gambit nesting them in a drawer. Although, we do swear by (not at) the few containers we have and use for homemade compote.*

What did we find? We found an article in this month’s Cook’s Illustrated (for us the kitchen equipment Bible) that tested multiple brands of containers and after extensive product testing recommended Snapware Mods.

It rang a bell.  We just went through our bottom freezer drawer and found the one container we LOVE, and use first, is in fact the exact Snapware Mod they recommend.

For a B’ on a budget they are reasonably priced (8 cup size $6.99) and BPA free.  With our weekend tantrum still fresh we know we need to contain ourselves and are headed out to buy more right now.

*(We’ll pass on the recipe later in the week, it ‘s great for leftover dried fruit, fresh fruit, wine, spices…)