We are nothing if not in touch with the yin and the yang of being a bitch on a budget. The careful saving for the occasional splurge.

Our hands are always doing so many jobs that nail polish just doesn’t last. We’ve found that Sinful Colors nail polish we buy at the local drug store comes in loads of luscious colors and lasts just as long (at least on our busy digits) as the premium brands. For $1.99 a bottle it’s a bitchin’ steal.

If you’ve finished our book (arms crossed, foot tapping) you’ll know how strongly we feel about good foundations in all things. Recently we stumbled upon a foundation from Fresh cosmetics that is the best we’ve tried in years and now ranks #1 in our splurgeworthy category in make-up. It’s not cheap for $42 bucks, but we love it.

Our contest this week is for you to tell us what your steals and splurges are in all things make-up. Share your secret tricks and indulgences. Go to the Drop-A-Dime box to submit your entry. The winner will have their tips featured and win a copy of Bitches on a Budget.

Contest ends 2/18.