Boutiques, developed by Google, is in beta test mode and worth a visit. While it’s still a little rough around the edges, we are in awe of the limitless possibilities for a gal on a budget to save time and money.

Remember Colorforms? Well the site feels like a grown-up-dress-up version of the childhood mix and match, shape, color and style game. After all, what is fashion if not a way to play out all the shifting fantasies of who you would like to be? What’s your favorite color? Red or blue? Do you like leopard or daisy prints? Stilettos or flats? Are you a good girl or a bad girl? Country bumpkin or city slicker?

While there are lots of ‘curated’ boutiques by celebs (boring, except for the Olsen twins- they do have taste) and designers anyone can set up a boutique for others to follow. We love the idea of creating our own boutique, but the angst of more measurable stalking relationships on top of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr is more than we can handle.

Once you sign up, the program takes you through a series of looks to determine your style.  Our label? Edgy-Classic. So true, at least the former part of the statement–just ask anyone.

Then we went on the hunt for a simple black dress with a round neck. We found one we loved which was tres expensive, but the option to find a similar dress popped up and (cue the holy music) like a revelation spread before us on the page were more divine round neck black dresses than we’d ever seen in one place. All in a wide variety of price ranges.

The only thing missing is being able to create a computer-generated version of the products on our exact silhouette. Now that (and universal free shipping both ways) would be the ultimate game changer in online shopping!