Does this ever happen to you? You undress and your partner’s overwhelmed, flushed, delighted. He smiles appraisingly. Then, as his eyes land on your lower region, his face falls and he says, “Nice, but I wish you sparkled a little more.”

Ladies, welcome to the world of Vajazzling. Vajazzling? Huh?

We are repulsed and mildly amused by this new trend to replace a normal pubic area with glitter. Evidently it was popularized by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who announced on national TV that she’s a modern Vajazzled gal. Now it’s not enough to have an unnaturally hairless pubic region. Yours has to twinkle with crystals—Swarvoski, obviously. Is this where a modern woman wants to spend her hard-earned money? We’re all for playfulness, for fantasy, for women decorating themselves as they see fit. But this just flat-out disturbs us. Our culture has moved so far from a natural state of things—we’ve ceased to appreciate women as they are. (For another example, see our Huff Post story on Victoria’s Secret’s new ad campaign.) Can’t we feel good about ourselves without these high-priced, utterly artificial gimmicks? A little playfulness—great. Spending $$$ to have a stranger glue shiny rocks to your freshly waxed pubic bone? Sorry, we’re not getting it. (If you’re still curious, you can watch a Vejazzling procedure here.)

If you must indulge, do it with your partner. Be crafty in all the right places! Dim the lights, light a candle, pull out the non-toxic glue, a shaker of silver glitter…You know what they say: “the couple that ‘Jazzles together…” Well, not sure how to finish that one.

Another gripe? They call this “vaginal adornment.” Uh, hello? Anatomy lesson, anyone? The vagina is an internal organ.

Let’s hope this trend dies out soon.