Whether you’re a sports fan or not, whether you’re obsessed with the brackets or they look like hieroglyphics to you, if you’re at all human the psychological drama of a massive upset means something.  When the underdog comes from behind to beat the absolute hands-down favorite, the human drama transcends sports.

Watching parents sobbing in the stands; witnessing the euphoric, astonished faces of the victors, the bewildered losers collapsed on the floor; experiencing the brief, giddy sense of a universe turned on its head…. well, isn’t there something thrilling about these biggest human emotions rendered on a small, safe, televised scale?

As B’s on a Budget, we feel obliged to remind you periodically of the joy of sports. Free/cheap to enjoy, perfect opportunities for socializing, perfect opportunities for watching women and men performing at their peak and for witnessing the wild tumult of human drama.

Who are you rooting for?