We just had a facial. The first in a really long time. It was perfect.

Perfect until it was time to pay, that is, when the woman at the desk– you know the overly perky person charged with ringing up the charges– tried to up-sell us on lotions and potions we just didn’t need and didn’t want. Of course, we declined but her insistence that not using their regimen meant terminal dehydration nearly ruined our hard-squeezed-massaged-and-moisturized-smooth-skin-good-karma.

We keep our products streamlined and simple. By saving we get to splurge on the occasional facial or over-priced product. For example: on a daily basis we use products purchased from the drugstore like Olay Regenerist and Cetaphil Cleanser. On occasion, we treat ourselves to pricy potions like Dr.Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream- because we just love the rosy fragrance–but we don’t indulge too often.

Anyway, the whole experience reminded us of what we wrote in the grooming chapter in the book Bitches on a Budget and we thought we’d share a snippet:

Grooming: Maintaining a Baseline of Maintenance

Time to come clean about why you spend so much time and money grooming.

It’s not because having Olga (the former Russian weight lifter) squeezing out the blackheads around your nose feels good. It’s not because Pierre’s peroxide concoctions burning your scalp feels good. And it’s certainly not because Dr. Richboobs sucking the fat out of your thighs feels good.

Face it: You groom to be dirty–to be the hottest, sexiest…you can be. You groom to be rich….You groom to live forever–to look in that mirror and count the smooth decades ahead.

But just like hunting for that big Neanderthal or rich investment banker are passe vestiges of a primitive drive, so too is succumbing to product marketers and service providers preying on a girl’s God -given insecurities. It’s time to wake up… and for you to define the rules of the (grooming) game.

Tell us why do you groom and what products do you use that don’t break the bank?