February is the month of “Best in Show”.

Grammy. Oscar. Westminster. Everyone is out there preening, primping and strutting to win the prize.

With each passing year the pageantry and politics around these spectacles seem to escalate. While we have no issue with the entertainment value (does anyone else think that Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift rivals any scene in Shakespeare?) or small talk value (would you rather talk about a snowstorm or Colin Firth and Christian Bale?) or breed value (Hunting or Terrier?), we want to remind you to take it all with a grain of salt.

We read an article today about the re-introduction to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show of the Mexican Xolo and while the bald pooch is pretty darned cute, we got to thinking about  fashion, beauty contests and following the pack.  At one time the Xoloitzcuintli (we dare you to pronounce it) was on the stud books at Westminster, but fell out of fashion and was dropped from the competition roster. This year, they’re back as a registered breed. Unlike most dogs that are bred for their attributes, Xolos hairless coat and personality traits evolved in the wild. Soon, we’re sure they’ll be the new ‘in’ dog, not because they are hypo-allergenic, but because they’re a natural rarity.

Not that long ago a manic surge in Chihuahua buying, which some have attributed to Taco Bell ads and others to Paris Hilton schlepping her shivering pet around in a zillion dollar bag, led to an airlift rescue out of California of abandoned Chihuahuas. We kid you not. In either instance, think about it–why would anyone buy a pet because of a meatless taco or a meatless starlet?

Fashions come and go and a bitch on a budget needs to stay in control of herself and her purse. Just because Natalie Portman is preggo or Lady Gaga wears meat and hops out of an egg (did we just write that? ) or the hairless Mexican Xolo is back in –well, you get the point. Watch. Enjoy. Laugh. Gossip. Get a load of the new trends.

Just don’t bite.