We’re in love with our neighborhood fishmonger.

Yes, they still make fishmongers and since we’re in an anti-meat phase (for lots of reasons: hideous growing conditions, greenhouse gases, we’re grossed out eating flesh) which we don’t strictly adhere to (sometimes we give into temptation) we’re at the fish store a lot.

While our fish guy is the best purveyor for hundreds of miles around, and we do love his glistening, fresh, briny catch, the real reason we’re in love with him is because he noticed our new hair color. We’ve been parading around with a new mop shade for some time and he is one of the few people to take note and approve.

It got us to thinking about how such little things (like being recognized, noticed, complimented) can make someone’s day. All it costs is seeing something and saying something.

So in this overhyped season of forced good cheer and pricy gift giving (or should it be pricy good cheer and forced gift giving)–remember, even though you are a bitch it doesn’t mean you are bitchy, besides it doesn’t cost you anything to be NICE to someone else.

Try it. It’s sweet. It feels good.