We have a complaint.

Truth be told we have lots of complaints, but we’re on a bitching diet and are limiting ourselves to one really good bitch a day.

We’ll keep this one short and sweet.

There is a gender gap in gizmo gear and we’re sick of it.

Have you noticed how many gizmos, gadgets and whatnots (formerly known as phones) are conveniently made for pockets and belts.

We are not men.

We do not wear pants everyday.

When we wear pants we don’t necessarily wear a belt.

When we wear a belt, it is unseemly and uncomfortable to have a gizmo holder hanging off it. Men may be accustomed to appendages hanging below their waist. Us ladies, uh, not so much.

We do not typically wear button down shirts with pockets on the chest.

When we do wear them, we do not want lopsided chest enhancements- particularly ones that have not been provided by our friendly local plastic surgeon.

Think about it where are we to reliably pocket our PDAs?

A handbag you suggest. Tell us, wouldn’t you say putting our cells into a bag puts us at tremendous disadvantage? It isn’t fair that only men can use vibrators in inappropriate places. (Cell phone inappropriate places, we mean).

Men get to casually walk out of the house with all their what-nots attached to their bodies in the same usual and easy to reach spots each day.

Us ladies grab for our phones and throw them into the pocket of a dress, the back pocket of a pair of jeans, our handbag and rush off for the day. A single ring sends us into personal pat down mode or turns us into frantic dumpster divas.

We’re calling for gender equal gizmo placement. With all the talk of ‘smart phones’ isn’t it time for the technology world to partner with the fashion world to design, build and market gender-equal accessible phones and garb.

That is our bitch of the day.

Can we get an amen.

We originally published this in The Huffington Post: