A few weeks ago we got stood up and the only cure for our bruised self-esteem was to go shopping.  (Remember our favorite little stocking stuffer– the spider encased in Lucite.)  We stumbled on two of the perfect money saving gifts for bitches on a budget: Piggy Banks.

The first, a completely cheesy molded plastic Buddha flashing the peace sign. Sure to put a smile on even the most stressed out friend’s face. Ten bucks will make you look like a hipster gift giver.

The second, an elegant statue that could pass for the real thing. Placed on an out of reach shelf, only the really nosy 17212630_001_a-1will figure out she’s made of plastic. Or, keep her on the table and drop spare change into the discreet slot in her back.

Since class doesn’t come cheap–Venus will set you back twenty bucks.

We found them both at Urban Outfitters.