Recycling stations, in these times, should be a frugal-green mama’s destination for fabulous finds. That’s right, the dump. Just like you should head over to your nearest Walmart or Target in the priciest zip nearby (for the best assortments), if you can enter without a sticker, check out the priciest garbage facility that has a take-it-or-leave-it near you. Be clever as you wait by the entrance for all those rich, or the once-rich forced to move and now cleaning out, to deliver their goodies. Restrain your Madame LaFarge like snickers, remember what goes around comes around, as you sort through their leftovers.

Repaint a desk and chair for Jimmy. Find fun jewels for Julie. Organize a new library for Grandma. Set the holiday table with oh-so-chic mismatched depression glass dishes.

*Adapted from the book Bitches on a Budget