Meat Grinder

Grind your own meats.  It’s cheap. It’s better for you. It’s better tasting. When you buy your own cuts, you get to select the best quality pieces and have control over the freshness of the product.

While we’re not big meat eaters, on occasion we make homemade meatballs, turkeyballs (that just sounds wrong, doesn’t it?), turkey/meatloaf, and ravioli stuffings.  We always buy a fresh cut from the butcher, bring it home and grind it ourselves. The end-product more flavorful and lighter than store bought pre-ground.

Too much work you say? Not really. It’s remarkably easy. We use our grandmother’s old hand grinder. Simple to set-up. Easy to clean.

Look, the bottom line is when you grind it yourself you have CONTROL over the quality of what you eat and quality control over the sanitary conditions that go into the grind. Think about this, most ground meat and pre-made patties sold in stores are made from the trimmings and ends of cuts from multiple animals. Yuck. Grind it yourself and avoid having to worry about what exactly is in the ground round you’re buying, or fret every time there is a recall of pre-made patties or bulk ground meat.

Give it a crank.