As a general rule we don’t name names when idiots behave badly, so dignifying the Fox News story about a J. Crew ad with a comment crosses our normal boundaries.

But we can’t control ourself and just have to say something.

The story is that the creative director of J. Crew painted her son’s toenails a bright pink for an ad.  Fox picked this up and turned it into a story with “experts” framing a debate about gender identity. Keith Ablow took this on using words like ‘psychological sterilization’ and inferring that kids today are being encouraged to give up their gender identities. What? Hello! This is the most bogus trumped-up waste of air time we’ve seen in a long time.

Aren’t there better angles on the story — like neon pink polish doesn’t look good on anyone but a 5-year-old? Or, why can girls wear pants but if boys wear dresses it’s suddenly material for a book? Really, now.Think about it, a little over a century ago boys routinely wore dresses. Pink was considered a masculine color and blue a feminine color. So, who’s to say when someone is cross dressing? And, more to the point–who cares?

Doesn’t anyone read history anymore? No wonder everything is such a mess.

Fox may have started this, but every time we turn on the television there is another nail-biting story about pink polish. One would think serious news outlets have more important stories to feature than one that is trying to ignite a make-believe gender identity crisis.

As for the J. Crew ad, it’s fresh, it’s cute, it’s delightful. It’s only nail polish for goodness sake.

Jenna, you go girl!

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