Ready to take the plunge and get traveling again? Not sure where to go? What to see?

Check out the itineraries of the gold-plated tour companies like Backroads and Aberchrombie and Kent or fancy college alumni travel tours. Yes, we know they’re selling to the very rich, not anyone as righteous, cool, and intrepid as you. But they will have scoped out educational, sexy, and drop-dead gorgeous places. Exploit their research!

Thank God, the hotels they pick are usually too big and too pricy for our tastes (we like little— in hotels) but destination-wise, their brochures rock. For example, a recently listed 7-day trip through Croatia at over $7,000 (not including air) was out of our league, but they had figured out the perfect destinations in a country we were dying to see: Split to Dvar to Dubrovnik. And, for those of you with ADHD who can’t stand reading through an entire tour book for destinations of interest, we found key sites to visit on the itineraries: botanical garden, castles, wineries, old forts. That’s right, like we always tell you, find an editor to set the stage.

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