Insurance is a parachute. If you trip down the stairs, stumble a little, you don’t need it. But if you fall off a cliff? Or the big bad hurricane blows your house down–you’ll be grateful for it. Insurance is not designed to prevent/correct minor problems. It’s designed to keep you from financial ruin.    

There are all kinds of insurance policies to consider.  Wherever you live and whatever kind of insurance you buy make certain to shop around.  Rates are competitive, and some companies have better reputations than others. Think hard about saving money by increasing your deductibles.

Remember, insurance is a business. While their advertisements offer images of big hands and wide umbrellas, don’t for a moment think that they like paying offclaims. It reduces their profit margins. So double-do your homework and find an insurance company that has satisfied customers. Don’t depend on your friend’s brother-in-law’s-second-cousin-twice-removed to advise you on which company and which policy to buy. The responsibility to choose a good reputable company is on you— and you alone.

We love our top rated, by Consumer Reports, mutual insurance company ; they are wonderful to work with (our house burned down and they hung in there with us) and if they have a good year they distribute dividends.

Be a smart woman on a budget—cover your assets by investing in the right protection!