Over the last few weeks, our fan base has been growing, our message getting out.

And now, after lots of begging (read our blog! become a fan!), teasing (sneak peek of chapters), heavy breathing (we’re pretty exhausted), titillating images (cabbage, anyone?), hot links (vibrator supply company being just one)…. well, it’s finally come. Sweet release! Our book!!! It’s out!!! We’re here!!!


Thank you to all the bitches around the world who’ve joined our party. We can’t wait to hear what you think, and we’re so hopeful you’ll find this a useful guide to living a fulfilled, glamorous, and STYLISH life, even when your bank account is dwindling.

These are tough times. We’ve heard from lots of women who are out of work… struggling to make ends meet, pay the mortgage, get food on the table. We’ve heard from women who love style, who love beautiful things and great food, but who feel stuck in a rut, out of energy, worried about the future. And we’ve heard from some of you just dying to get your hands on our little gem for the sheer fun of reading it. (It is amusing, if we do say so ourselves.)

We hear you all!

We bitches refuse to compromise, and our book will show you how to live a fuller life, even when times are tough. And, since we cover ten chapters worth of ideas, we offer loads of advice on lots of things, so don’t get nervous and think we’re telling you to go buy everything we write about.  We’re a guide book about living with style, and our goal is to show you a different way to think about how to shop, how to spend, where to go, and what to do.

Look, we’re realists too. We know you can’t always do everything you want. We know that change happens in stages. But our book is about finding little (and big) ways to keep your look sharp and mood up. To help you feel empowered. To keep your life full. All without spending lots of dough. No money is no excuse!

Join our movement. Say with pride: “I’m a Bitch on a Budget.”

We want to see just what we can accomplish. Get out to your neighborhood bookshop or order a copy online. Help make us all #1!