This week is strawberry week at The Bitches.

Florida’s late harvest has collided with California’s regular harvest to create a temporary glut and bargain basement prices.

We’ve all experienced that overenthusiastic moment, the price too good to resist, where you end up buying way more of an item than you can humanly consume before rot sets in. So, if you’re anything like us, by now you have pounds and pounds of bright, red, fragrant, on the verge of moldy strawberries.

One of our solutions is to save fruits before our bargains become expensive compost by using a food dehydrator.

We’ve successfully dried: pineapple, bananas (slow to dry, but such intense flavor), apples, grapes (best raisins, ever), plums (prunes, duh)….you name it we’ve dried it.  (Although, we have to admit we’ve had better luck drying tomatoes (they are a fruit) in a very low temp oven overnight-OMG-they’re delicious.)

Tell us about your experiences with drying fruits and veggies. In the sun? In the oven? Food dehydrator?