We found these ‘to die for’ adorable Sophie Thealleat espadrilles at Nine West and the best part about them is that they are killer comfy.


From the book Bitches on a Budget:

“Never be a silent fashion victim. DO NOT buy uncomfortable shoes.  Try on shoes at the end of your shopping trip, when your feet are at their most bloated.  Despite what the salesman says, most of the time shoes do not stretch with your foot. (Men are always exaggerating when it comes to size!) If shoes feel bad in the store, they’ll feel bad walking to work. Be honest. Those pumps tossed in the back of your closet, they never felt good and never will. Besides, you spent more on Dr. Scholl’s pads to protect your heels and baby toes from crippling blisters than you spent on the shoes! Vow never to do this again. When in doubt, pass on them.

For normal everyday comfy high-fashion shoes, check out Nine West*. It’s like these babies walked off the catwalk and straight into their shops. Whether online, at the mall, or in their outlet stores, Nine West is a surefire bet. If your basics are covered and you need a shoe fix to zing up your wardrobe, grab a bright-colored peep toe. Don’t let yourself look like a Dorothea Lange photograph! Shoes are the place to add charm and color, and Nine West makes it easy.”

(*By the way, unlike almost everyone else who has a blog or or FB page we do not take ads or get paid or get sent really cute stuff for anything we write about–but, it’s not a bad idea:)