Our official mantra “less is more” makes us good green queens. While there’s little good to have come out of this recession, we count our blessings that the go-go days of consuming everything in our path are in the past. After all, nothing is less attractive than a bloated bitch.

Here’s a short list of ways to edit your life so that more becomes less:

Recycle everything. It is not only chic but also sexy. Think about it, how often in life do you get to go both ways? (Spring semester junior year was a long time ago). Take out the middleman for maximum satisfaction. Think consignment stores, backyard sales, flea markets, listings on Craig’s List, e-Bay — all are AC/DC fests extraordinaire.

Plastic surgery is out. Facial rejevunation is in. Think tiny tweaks, nips and jabs. No big jobs; they’re the equivalent of buying a Hummer when a Prius will get you around.

Be a bitch on wheels. Lobby your pols for dedicated bike lanes. Nothing is hipper than rolling to work on a vintage cruiser or zipping around town on an adorable red Vespa.

Go to museums and libraries. Do you need to own things to appreciate them? Do you need to spend hard earned cash to have pleasure? Absolutely not.

While we are tongue in cheek about most things (we wrote Bitches on a Budget — need we say more?) we never kid around when it comes to good food. Stay local, buy local, eat organic. Tiny carbon footprints to market result in fresher, more interesting, and better tasting foods.

Apply our “less is more” rule to almost everything you do. Lighten your load, your look, and make all the other B’s green with envy.