Instead of getting in line to buy a toaster oven at 4AM on this day after Thanksgiving, we slept in and had a leisurely breakfast. We’re getting ready to head over to our local museum for a peaceful stroll with our family and friends. It will be the perfect antidote to yesterday’s chaos!  We talk a lot about the value and meaning derived from simple pleasures in our book  Bitches on a Budget. Things like: a free concert, an afternoon at the library, a local theater production, a cup of tea by the fire, a rousing game of charades, a walk in the woods.

After all, we think this economic adjustment (we like that euphemism) has given all of us an opportunity to take stock of  what really counts in life. (And it isn’t a new toaster.) So, on this frenzied holiday shopping day we want to remind you to enjoy the moment, live in the present, seek pleasure in the everyday and the simple things. Remember, pleasure and purchase are not always synonymous*.


(*Unless we’re talking killer Clergerie over the knee boots that you find on sale.)