In our upcoming book we spend a lot of time talking about enjoying the moment, living in the present, finding pleasure in the everyday and the simple things. While the economy is tough for so many, money can be re-made, purchases delayed, expectations managed, but time can never be renewed or replaced.

Pleasure seekers (especially those on a budget) should celebrate the arts. Spend time seeking out new performers and artists–the up and comers– as they learn and perfect their craft. You’ll have reasonably priced access to talent (whether you’re watching a community theater company or attending an opening at your local arts center) and you’ll be learning yourself as you track budding performers and artists develop.

One such talent was our dear friend Rebecca Westcott. At age 28 she was killed changing a flat tire on the side of the road by an impaired driver (enjoy your libations, ladies, but never, ever drink and drive). We’re telling you this because we just went to a retrospective of her work at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

It was awesome.

Just weeks before this tragedy, Becky won a prestigious Pew Fellowship for art.  She was one of the youngest recipients of this award.  Just imagine what she could have accomplished had she lived to reach her full potential.

Her husband Jim Houser, another young, cool, talented artist, commissioned a series of Becky’s portraits to be reproduced as prints. They rock.  You can see them at the gallery that represented Becky and Jim at the beginning of their careers, Spector Projects.  At the very least visit your nation’s capital and head over to the National Portrait Gallery. (Which by the way, even before they had the good taste to exhibit Becky’s work, was one of our favorite, and free, museums in the entire world!)